Pizzarette cool touch

Due to isolation on the inside of the dome, the outside temperature has been reduced with 50%, so extra safe for children.

Pizzarette stone

Because of the pizzarette stone and its hygroscopic quality you will have extra crispy pizza when placing the pizza directly on the stone.

Pizzarette keep warm

You can keep your pizza warm on top, make a bruschetta or pre bake your dough.

Pizzarette grill

Pizza-Raclette-Grill; this is the first multi-functional funcooking appliance with a professional Pizza function. It is supplied with heating from the top as well as from the bottom. This allows you to use 1 appliance for 3 functions saving money and space and have triple the fun!​

Pizzarette square

Everybody makes his or her own taste of mini-pizzas. When you have a square table, this pizzarette will fit perfectly on your table.

Pizzarette hexagonal

With this beautiful shaped Pizzarette hexagonal everybody makes his or her own taste of mini-pizzas. Some call it gourmet, others fondue. We call it Pizzarette.

Pizzarette duo

This pizzarette is a perfect item for a romantic diner for two.


Next to making pizza’s you can also order an extra set of 4 or 6 pans to make even many more dishes then variety of pizza’s. Click to see a few samples of hundreds of dishes you could make.
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